Unprecedented Growth Continues for Success Academy and Their Scholars

Education is at the forefront throughout the nation and Success Academy is leading the future with unprecedented growth, for many students who attend charter schools.


Success Academy was founded in 2006 and now has a network of 41 schools, ranging from elementary to high school, which serves more than 14,000 students within New York City. The school is now the largest and highest-performing public charter in the state of New York. Enrollment is available to students within all boroughs and also accommodates students of special needs as well as those who are new to English language. Students are admitted to the school through random lottery, which is conducted on an annual basis during the month of April.


The projections, for additional acceptance into Success Academy, are expected to exceed 21,000 students with the continued planning of 13 additional charters. That number correlates to approximately two percent of the estimated 1.1 million children population within New York City public schools. Success Academy has over-achieved all expectations and has remained the fastest growing charter network in the State’s history.


The growth of the Success Academy is a testimony, for how the teachers interact with each student. Success Academy’s approach, for teaching students, is based on their core foundation and belief in a student’s accessibility to learning. All students receive an entire 80 minutes of direct teacher instruction-learning and then receive individual devoted-learning within smaller groups. The teachers promote and encourage the students to engage within creative-thinking to learn, and teachers emphasize the importance on making it a fun-learning environment.


Every teacher within the charter network provides a student a limitless opportunity to learn and reach their highest potential. Each student is identified and addressed as a “scholars”. All schools have an exhilarating environment that make students feel as though they are achieving high levels of their potential.


In May 2017, Success Academy announced they acquired the lease of a nine-story 113,000 square foot building in the Bronx, to serve as their newest High School. Success Academy High School of Liberal Arts will be the second high school within the network and will serve 1,200 students.




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