Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a successful Baltimore businessman. Currently, he is the leader of TDL global ventures, LLC and serves in related investments as a Senior Vice President.

Todd Lubar started school in Washington at Sidwell friends school from 1977 to 1987; he then attended school in New Jersey at the Peddie School Hightstown. He further pursued his education and graduated with a bachelor of arts from Syracuse University in 1995.

His first job after graduation was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation between 1995 to 1999. In 1999 he helped grow Maryland Office of Legacy financial group based in Arlington Texas to 100 million dollars of production units in loan volume and stayed with legacy financial until 2005. He moved on and accepted a job with charter funding from Arizona as senior vice president and stayed up to 2007. He shifted his focus after changes in the mortgage industry to purchase money mortgage origination with priority for financial services.

Todds Lubar in Real estate industry

His efforts to learn about real estate sector has enabled him to interact and maintain contacts with CPA’s, insurance agents, real estate agents and financial planners and they serve as his referral base. He built his current career from 1999 when he accepted a position at Legacy financial group which allowed him to gain knowledge in lending. Thus he could lend to outside investors like a mortgage bank. Few year later he started legendary properties and company that was focused on purchasing and renovating residential houses.

Assessing loans

After having been involved in more than 7000 real estate and lending deals he’s an authority on risk assessment. With Baltimore housing turmoil is a thing of the past. Todd Lubar is highly placed to help people looking for home ownership. His real estate and financial / lending experience has allowed and continued to help a lot of individuals. See more:

Todds other engagements

Todd Lubar primary focus during his career had been mortgage banking, but he also had other companies in the recycling industry, night club industry, demolition industry and the real estate sector. In 2007 -2008 he further got involved in demolition and scrap metal recycling.


Todd had always been ranked at top 25 mortgage originators in the United States. The vast experiences acquired in several industries allowed him to understand business, how they operate and run and what makes them excel in any environment.

Todd currently resides with his two beautiful children in Bethesda Maryland. His goal is to continue being a noble person. He loves to travel and devote time to his kids.

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    The commercial division thus lends to companies and individuals who are mostly overlooked by traditional lending sources. There has been a whole lot debate about and how it has made it so easy for the others and it is the delight that others has continued to contemplate on what the others has to know about what is working out for good which is the best thing to do.

    After being in the real estate for 12 years, he discovered an opportunity of underserved clients in the industry. Thus he established legendary financials associated with related properties.

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