Louis Chenevert was Born in Montreal Quebec. He wanted to grow up being a very successful man and he really had his heart and his mind set to what he really wanted to achieve in life. He gained interest in 1958 to become an entrepreneur at a very young age. He was aware of all the hard work that he would have to put into the business that he would eventually own to be successful at what he did. He was very prepared to take that step into his life to be a successful man.


Chenevert attended college at the University of Montreal. He majored in the Production Management department. University of Montreal is the HEC Montreal Business school. It was the best college for Chenevert to attend to achieve his educational and entrepreneurship goals.


Straight out of college, Chenevert got a job at General Motors in Quebec. He oversaw the assembly line building motor vehicles. Over time, he moved up to the head of the company very fast. He was an outstanding executive.


After fourteen long years at General Motors, Chenevert needed a change so he decided to convert to the aerospace industry. He joined a small company called Pratt and Whitney Canada, also known as P&W, Building airplane engines. He eventually moved up to be the President of the company. P&W has a parent company that they work with side by side with. It is called the United Technologies Corporation, or UTC. P&W was beginning to have some serious losses, and when Chenevert took over the company, he brought the losses back into a gain status. His clientele for this company was both civilian and military aviation groups.


Eventually Chenevert took the biggest step of his whole life and converted over to UTC. For him, being the President of the daughter company was not enough. He had to be able to meet higher achievements. After being there for two years, he was named President and CEO of the company. The prior President retired and put Chenevert in his place due to his strong knowledge and dedication for the company. He could see from Chenevert’s past employments and achievements that he has what it takes to make things happen.



At this time, Chenevert made the change to have all the aviation production done in the United States. He felt that it was a huge money savor for the company. He moved the company to Connecticut. He eventually landed a $240 million-dollar contract building F135 engines for the United States Navy. UTC just keeps growing and flourishing, and Louis Chenevert has become a very successful man. All his dreams have come true.