The Invaluable Investment Tips for 2018 from Jeff Yastine

There are constant hits on the cybersecurity industry such as the Equifax breach that jeopardized credit information of 145 million people, the ARD, Intel and AMD security flaws. Based on such occurrences and many others, Jeff Yastine has predicted an influx in the cybersecurity sector this year and beyond as organizations and government departments upgrade their security systems. This evidence he got after assessing the Total Wealth Insider portfolio’s stocks during 2017 where between October 2017 and January 2018, aggregate gains were over 50%.

Jeff Yastine says that the same applies to the ETFMG Prime Security that he had advised people to invest in the August of 2017, which have increased by 12% since then. His opinion on ways to tap into the lucrative investments chances occurring in the cybersecurity is to keep up with the trends paying attention to details. He does not strongly suggest investment in cryptocurrencies since there are speculations but admits that the internet has to be made a safe place so that security programs that use block-chain technology can be developed.

About $7.6 billion was invested in cybersecurity startups by venture capitalists in 2017. This investment was a 200% increase up from 2016 a fact Jeff attributes to fast and competitive deals. This amount went to 548 companies a 17% increase from the number of firms that were invested in 2016.

Jeff Yastine discovered there is a piece of legislation that has been kept out of the public limelight since the President John F. Kennedy era. The less discussed legislation enabled the creation of an account, called a Kennedy account and that are deemed to be the most profitable investment. He says that with the correct timing, a single Kennedy account could have generated 449 times more than the stock market in the last few years. See more of Jeff Yastine at Kennedy Account

The Kennedy accounts are a controversial topic but Jeff has filtered all the information, and their potential is huge. One person had invested $50 in a Kennedy account, and this has grown to $237,400. He predicts that those who opened such accounts before 25th January will see returns of $500 going to as much as $1.5 million in the coming years. Another area that is prime for investments according to Jeff Yastine is Mergers & Acquisitions, M&A. 40% of American companies have made M&A their primary target as they seek to use their extra income. He cites the Disney-Twenty First Century anticipated tie as a warm up to other mergers.

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