The Copa Star Is The New Star On The Beach

The Copa Star Hospital is a new building on Copa Cabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is a luxurious hospital, designed to make the patient feel like a guest at a five star luxury hotel. With its artwork of Yakuta Toyota and grand piano in the lobby, it certainly strives at luxurious surroundings. Yakuta Toyota’s artwork is seen throughout the building. It boasts a grand piano and overstuffed sofas in the lobby as well.

For the patients’ guests, there is a five star restaurant designed by an internationally famous chef with the menu to match.

The patients’ rooms have been changed from rooms to suites. The suites all have an Ipad that controls the lighting, the drapes, and the temperature in the room. With the Ipad at the patient’s control, the patient can summon staff, talk with the nurses, and even talk with the doctor their treatment plan and the results of tests and operations. The doctor can also show the patient the results of the tests on the Ipad. Each individual suite of rooms for the patients has its own bathroom. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

In the intensive care unit, there is a large video screen controlled by the patient. The patient can view the corridors in the hospital and the street below if he so chooses. Or, the patient can even view the lovely beach scene below. This is to combat the idea of the loneliness of Intensive care, since the patient is alone most of the time, and can not move around very much.

All of this luxury and attention to detail was the brain child of Jorge Moll, the president of D’Or. D’or operates a number of hospitals in Brazil, and plans to build more of them along the lines of Copa Star. The cities they have in mind are Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

The operating rooms are equipped with the latest in high technology equipment. There are robotic devices to help with the surgery and tests. The set of operating rooms contains the latest in robot technology and design.

In constructing this seven-story hospital, there was a new architectural technique used. The result is a new type of construction that allows the saving of half of the power consumed by comparable hospital buildings. Hospitals use a lot of electricity because of the diagnostic machines and the continuous use of oxygen separators and the like. The style of materials used and the architectural style uses half of that.

In the future, the hospital plans to specialize in the fields of cardiology and neurology. This is befitting the high-tech equipment and design of the sophisticated operating rooms.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the company, D’Or (Rede D’Or São Luiz), and the enterprising people who designed and built this architectural wonder. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.