Avicii stands out among the musicians of the present generation because of his skills in creating music. He has millions of fans across the world and experienced fame like never before. He is celebrated in his home country of Sweden because of his contributions to the world of music and lives a comfortable life because of the endless amount of riches that he receives from his performances. Despite the good experience that he is currently living in, Avicii decided to take his own life, and news about his death quickly spread. The internet was filled with hashtags and news clips about the news saying that the Swedish DJ and producer have ended his life. Many fans do not want to believe the news at first, but as the legitimate news agencies have confirmed the reports about his death, many people started to mourn and question why a celebrated artist would have to end his life too soon. Avicii is only 28 years old, and his death was highly contested by a lot of people, saying that he might have been depressed for too long and was not given any attention that could have saved his life.


One of those who mourned the death of Avicii was The Chainsmokers, an American band composed of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. They have been working together since 2012, and they produced a lot of number one hits including “Closer,” “Roses,” and “Paris.” The duo started their musical career as DJs, performing in Maine and New York City. They were discovered by their manager because of their talent and were offered to become a part of a musical team that he is planning to create.


The Chainsmokers, who are presenting an award with Halsey at the Billboard Music Awards, offered a moment of silence for Avicii and honored him by reading some notes about the celebrated artist. They stated that Avicii was one of their inspirations in becoming full-time musicians, and it hurts them so much knowing that he is already gone and that he killed himself. The Chainsmokers and Halsey ended the moment of silence by wishing him to rest in peace.