The Best of Banyan Hill Publishing: Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman

The Best of Banyan Hill Publishing: Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman

Jeff Yastine is an editor for ‘Total Wealth Insider’ under Banyan Hill Publishing since he joined Banyan in 2015. This is a publication from Jeff Yastine about the financial markets aimed at helping investors understand the latest in this field. The publication also gives tips on profit-making opportunities. Jeff has a wealth of experience, he has more than two decades worth of investment in the stock market and also in financial journalism.

Jeff Yastine studied journalism at the University of Florida and landed a tv presenter role immediately. He has been previously a correspondent on PBS Nightly Business Report between 1993-2010 where he was the programs’ Miami-based national correspondent and also an anchor. This national correspondency help him identify the investment opportunities for viewers. He has been able to interview a range of famous people in the world including Bill Gross (founder PIMCO), Wayne Huizenga (founder of Waste Management), Steve Balmer, Sir Richard Branson among others. His writing has been credited with helping identify both small and big companies. This way an investor will see clearly the performance of the different companies and make a decision on where to invest, and at how much. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.

The interest in the stock market came way back in 1987 when a 23-year-old Jeff experienced a crash in stocks that left many people dejected. The crash inspired him to study about the stock market, how it operates, how value is created and later destroyed going by the prevailing conditions.

Jeff Yastine’s publication has opportunities that are not necessarily known by interest investor. It is ranked as a top performer in its group. Investors are advised to protect their wealth and increase their worth through safe companies that are considered stable over the long-term.

The highlights of Jeff Yastine’s career include a 2007 Business Emmy Award nomination when he reported on underfunded public infrastructure like roads, bridges in the US. When NBR journalists team received the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountant’s Excellence in Financial Journalism for a special report on the bond market of America, he was among them.

Ted Bauman is an editor with the Banyan Hill since 2013, joined two years earlier than Jeff. He is a trained economist a and pens weekly articles for Banyan’s publication. These articles include The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha stock weekly. Ted views the investment landscape in a broader manner as compared to the stock expert Jeff.

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