Strengthening the Weakest Links: Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car was once the epitome of railcar manufacturing. It had been around for nearly 100 years and had several experience employees dedicated to making some of the best railcars out there. The company was able to withstand the Great Depression and the several recessions that followed without skipping a beat. However, when trucking became the new form of freight transportation used, the entire industry started to falter, NSC included. However, due to some quick decisions and business strategies employed by the new CEO, National Steel Car came out of this crisis stronger than ever. That CEO was none other than Gregory James Aziz.


Greg Aziz is well-known in the industry for bringing back National Steel Car, and he is also known throughout Canada as a great businessman and innovative investor. Aziz graduated in 1971 from the University of Western Ontario, and he used his business degree in Economics to turn around his family’s failing business. He was able to get additional customers and expand the supply network of Affiliated Foods to levels never before seen. He turned this company into not only a player in Canada, but throughout North America. Now he was going to put that experience to work with National Steel Car.

Unlike Affiliated Foods, National Steel Car started out weak. The industry was dying, and it seemed like a simple shot of new management would not be enough to save it. Greg Aziz knew better, however. He took a look at the books and the mission of the Company. He noticed that, although the engineers were some of the best out there and were capable of making a high-quality railcar, the old owners had them focus on simply making a low-cost car. This ultimately lost NSC business when the major railroads realized there was better quality equipment out there.

Greg Aziz changed everything. He told his engineers and project managers to focus on quality. He made his marketing team talk to customers and make sure they knew quality was the new M.O of NSC. He put millions into capital projects and increased the capacity of the plant, as well as hiring thousands of additional workers. Instead of focusing on cutting costs, as you would normally do in a failing business, Aziz took a chance and focused on giving the customers what they want. Go To This Page to learn more.

National Steel Car is now one of the largest providers of railcars to the railroads of North America. Without Aziz’s business knowledge and innovative spirit, this company would have gone under long ago.