Securus Technologies Stopping the Contraband Supply Using Drone Detection Technology

For many years, cell phones had been the most prominent threats to most correctional facilities. They were being used by inmates to organize crimes on the outside. But, tighter security measures and led to a stop on the smuggling of cell phones on the ground. But the use of drones by the criminals is making things even more difficult for the prison officials. Drones cause disruptions in the prisons and cause many violent incidents that can quickly turn fatal. The drones are used to drop illegal materials including drugs, pornography materials and even cell phones inside the prison premises for the use of inmates.


When the problem of drones came to light, most of the technology companies thought of using the same jamming device that they would use for cell phones. But they also interfered with the legitimate users and caused legal trouble. It was then that Securus Technologies, one of the top prison technology companies in the United States came with a new drone detection technology that can quickly detect even the most silent of drones that would try to enter the prison premises. The new system is already in trial and has provided successful results. The company aims to make it available to more prisons and correctional agencies in the coming months. The FCC has also been supportive of the new technologies that Securus Technologies has been developing as it has contributed a lot to making the corrections space much safer than ever before.


Securus Technologies has helped in saving lives of hundreds and thousands of civilians and law enforcement officers through the technologies and services it offers. The drone detection technology that it has rolled out recently has proven to be highly successful in catching the drones that are used to transport contraband inside the prison illegally. The drones are being used by the criminals to ensure that they are not risking their presence or identity, but are remotely transporting the contraband. Drones have so far been successful in carrying the contraband to many prisons, and it is causing headache to the law enforcement agencies. In many of the contraband packages that are caught by the corrections officers, it has been found that the drones are being used to transport not only drugs and contraband phones, but also a weapon.


If the menace of drones’ usage is allowed to continue, things will continue to get worse inside the prison. Thanks to Securus Technologies, the correctional facilities now have the option of installing the drone detection technology. So, whenever a drone is approaching or has entered the correctional facility’s perimeter, the drone detection technology would alarm the corrections officers. It would help in taking the corrective measures at the right time so that the contraband is not allowed to supply.