Securus Technologies Key to Recovering Stolen Goods

When me and my fellow officers were able to arrest a fugitive who was robbing local banks, one thing we were unable to do was to seize the assets from his robberies. This suspect went to great lengths to hide the money that he stole, and if we were unable to recover it, we feared he would simply recover it after he served his sentence. This was going to be a very difficult case to break considering the subject.


What we feared was that either the suspect did not tell anyone about his money or that the people who were in charge of watching it were going to simply blow through it before the suspect ever got the chance to enjoy it. We utilized every resource available and still could not uncover any leads. The one resource we had left was going to become something that we were going to be pleasantly surprised using.


The local jail our suspect was being kept has the Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system installed, and it gives officers in that jail the ability to get a unique glimpse into what the inmates are saying when they are talking to family, friends, or other inmates. Securus Technologies is currently being used in 2,600 prisons, and this Dallas-based company and all employees are dedicating their time to making this world a little safer for all.


My plan was to let the inmates know that we had found the majority of the cash and wanted to know if they knew of any other hiding places. Even though the inmates know we monitor calls, this rattled our suspect and her went to the phones to call his brother to tell him to check the location of the stash. Once we did surveillance on him, he led us right to the money that we seized.