Securus Technologies Developing More Safety Solutions

The leader in the public safety field, Securus Technologies has created another way to help keep the people safe. They have made the Wireless Containment Solution. This is a technology that Securus Technologies has given to the correctional facilities across the nation to assist them with fighting crime inside and outside their facilities. They took on this mission because other companies that had tried to invent something were not able to do so.


The Wireless Containment Solution is working very well in the facilities. It is a way for them to catch the inmates that are using cell phones to contact other people to carry out crimes. The technology from Securus Technologies allows the facility owners to find the inmates that are doing this type of activity and stop them right away.


Because of what Securus Technologies can do for the public’s safety, they are offering the people the ability to come to their business in Dallas, TX. They will be given a tour of the facility, and get to see the latest technologies and what they do.


The company is known around the world for what they can do. The nation uses them on a regular basis for their expertise, especially the government. Securus Technologies deals with over a million inmates every year, and they are finding new technologies to help every week. In the future, Securus Technologies will be even more successful than ever, and they want to make sure that everyone is able to live in a safe and secure world. With their knowledge and dedication, the staff at the company is able to complete missions that other companies cannot. Since they are in high demand all the time, the company will continue to be very successful in the years to come. People can feel confident knowing that this company will continue to work in the criminal and civil sectors of justice to stop illegal activities from happening.




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