Sam Tabar To Take Over as COO of Full Cycle


Full Cycle Energy is an alternative energy company that works to encourage more eco-friendly and cost-saving sources of fuel. The current trend is leading the energy sector away from fossil fuels and is turning to more sustainable forms of energy that do not deplete the earth’s resources. Because of this trend, companies like Full Cycle have seen significant growth and demand. That leads them to seek out experienced professionals that have experience and insight. The company recently announced that Sam Tabar would be taking over as COO.

As indicated by, Sam Tabar was the former capital strategy head at Merrill Lynch. The company believes that the addition of Sam Tabar would fulfill their current need for fresh new strategies in the market. Sam Tabar has worked extensively in the Asian market and has also worked with such industry giants as PMA Investment Advisors, SPARX Group, and of course Merrill Lynch as a hedge manager.


He was previously a law student and attended Oxford University where he became a lawyer in New York. He then attended Columbia Law School before his many business ventures with some of the world’s most cutting-edge companies. He brings several years of experience and legal knowledge to the companies that he represents and offers them unique perspective and guides them to actions that create success. Sam is a well known philanthropist, including his investment in the THINX company that works to help women in Asian and African countries.


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