Roberto Santiago Is A Recognized Serial Publisher, Film Maker And Investor

Aside from being a celebrated writer, screenwriter, artist, TV content essayist and a movie producer, Roberto Santiago is a serial business visionary. He is the proprietor of the lofty Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping and other shopping centers in Brazil. All through his investments professions and writing, he has gotten acknowledgment for his intellectual aptitudes and business intuition. In addition to operating the best shopping complex in Latin America, he has additionally composed various globally acclaimed books targeting both adults and kids.

The Manaira Shopping complex is established to global benchmarks and gives different educational facilities and social amenities such as the buffet Pirlimpimpim, a large food court, park for children, cinemas, gyms, a college, conference facilities, a gourmet restaurant and banking halls. What makes Roberto a great screen director, filmmaker and writer are his special achievements in the industry. From variouis parts of the world, people have received Roberto’s productions with great praise and acclamation. Besides, he was the winner of the Edebé Prize for Children & Youth Literature including the Editorial SM prize ordinarily in progression. More so, for the various television shows and big screen, his key productions have been serialized. Numerous translations of his work remain in different key global dialects and in the segment of the Cannes Official Festival – Ruleta, one of Roberto sensational creations got the place of respect.

The comic Horror referred as La Casecha was granted the leading part at the Oregon Festival of Horror, and in numerous creations being viewed everywhere in the world since Roberto has worked together with Unicef. His identity is portrayed by assurance, premonition and diligent work, and that is the reason he is such a fruitful creator and business visionary. Within the Faculty of Literary Creation at the Madrid School of Letters, Roberto he was usually the leading learner whose performance was an envy subject among his colleagues. A similar scholarly ability he routinely exhibited additionally served him well as a learner at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He enhanced his creativity skills at the Faculty of Communication Sciences. The tremendous accomplishments he has in the realm of arts & television provision, theater, filming, and literature have earned him acknowledgment all over the world.

Some of Roberto most recognized works entail Ana which got the Editorial Planeta and which is likewise a loved book for grown-ups. The other one is the Syndrome of Ulysses for Antena 3 which is the television humor series, the Other Side of the Bed which additionally became awarded with the T Theater Award for its innovative work not to forget the mixture of intrigue and football novels referred as Los Futbolísimos (SM). Conceived in Madrid, Spain in the year 1968, Roberto Santiago has endeavored to become a great investor, book writer, and publisher.