Rick Scott Accused Of Breaking Campaign Finance Laws By End Citizens United

End Citizens United(ECU) is supporting Democratic campaigns in order to combat the Citizens United Supreme Court decision of 2010. They believe this decision made the political system unfair, making a person’s wealth hold more weight than it should in politics. Now, with the Supreme Court decision behind us, rich individuals and corporations are able to manipulate the political system.

End Citizens United utilizes a list of the most damaging Republicans in Congress. They call this list the Big Money 20. Some names have already been removed from the list, like Paul Ryan, who recently announced his resignation. ECU’s primary method of attack is by putting themselves behind Democratic candidates that are running against these Republican incumbents. End Citizens United only supports Democratic candidates who do not accept money from large, wealthy corporations.

Paul David, Max Rose, Jacky Rosen, and Jason Crow are just a few of the candidates supported by End Citizens United.

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Stepping out of their comfort zone, ECU took extended measures against Rick Scott. Rick Scott is the current Governor of Florida and is currently running for U.S. Congress. ECU is accusing Rick Scott of working closely with a PAC, and have filed a complaint to the Federal Election Commission.

While PACs and superPACs are completely legal, it is illegal for a politician to communicate with a PAC that contributes to their campaign.

ECU presented evidence to the FEC with their complaint. It is a fact that Jenny Drucker serves as a fundraiser for Rick Scott’s campaign as well as New Republican, the PAC that is being accused of working together with Rick Scott.

In addition, Rick Scott was formally employed by New Republican, working as a chair for the organization.

This isn’t the first time Rick Scott has been in legal turmoil. In 1997, while a part of Columbia/HCA, he was accused of Medicare fraud. He inevitably resigned from Columbia/HCA after the company paid out nearly $2 billion in fines as a result of an FBI investigation.

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