Ricardo Tosto a Master in Business Law

The name Ricardo Tosto has a very deeper meaning when it’s mentioned in the whole of Brazil. He is a law icon of the land and has handled sensitive cases for Brazilians. He is one of those brains behind the Brazilian law revolution. Ricardo is a graduate of the Mackenzie University with a Bachelors of Law degree and an extension of business administration course. He understands the basics of business and company law and therefore qualifying to be the best business lawyer from Brazil. He has represented big corporates, Multi national organizations, government and non-governmental organizations and so many other clients.


Ricardo Tosto is the co-founder of Leite Tosto e Barros a law firm that has offices in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It is one of the largest law firms from Brazil and has done tremendously well when it comes to representing people. His field of specialization under his law firm include mergers and acquisitions, credit recovery, administrative laws, commercial law, election law, commercial law, civil law etc. He also is a great expert in bankruptcy law and disputes. He has also been on the frontline creating favorable laws that are to the advantage of the Brazilians. The policies that he has pushed for are good enough to help ease the burdens of resolving disputes and dealing with other issues that do not require court processes and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.


Ricardo Tosto has been nominated by Who’s Who Legal as one of the best lawyers from Brazil and having a huge number of them in the main cities, Ricardo happens to be the favorite. There are so many sites in Brazil that one uses to get a good lawyer but the internet has been their favorite one. Even Leite Tosto e Barros is listed and has gotten so many clients because of being featured on those sites as one of the Brazil’s best law firms. For one to become a qualified lawyer in Brazil, he has to undergo thorough training for 5 years and then joining a University for professional qualification exams. It is something that is not taken lightly and learn more about Ricardo.

More visit: http://www.cesa.org.br/noticia/cesa/escritorio_de_ricardo_tosto_e_incluido_na_edicao_2016_do_guia_chambers_global.html