Paul Mampilly Aims to Help Everyday Americans Become Successful Investors

Ground Roots Advice in Becoming Successful in Stocks

Paul Mampilly used to be devoted to helping big corporations on Wall Street gain profits by handling their portfolio’s, but he has changed all that. Today, as the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, he is spending the remainder of his career helping the everyday working American. Paul Mampilly shares his many years of success in Wall Street thru his Banyan Hill newsletters, especially the one he started to help the American day laborer, Profits Unlimited.

Signing with Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing, where Paul Mampilly has been hired as Senior Editor, was founded for a double purpose. First, Banyan Hill is an independent research company. Secondly, Banyan Hill is a publishing House. Paul Mampilly was hired to write for the financial investment newsletters or share his investment advice thru financial advice white papers. His first stock newsletter was “Profits Unlimited,” which today has 90K subscribers. The number one priority of Paul Mampilly in writing Profits Unlimited is to attract the working class American to investment possibilities that work for them. He offers financial opportunities for all kinds of risk-takers, from beginning to more advanced. See more of Paul on facebook.

Happy Campers

While those who have the opportunity and the money set aside to “stand on the shoulder of a giant” or should we say “Guru,” then it is no surprise that his subscribers are full of praise of following his system. His investment philosophy and strategy was put together over a 20 year investment run during his time on Wall Street. It needs to be mentioned that he did so well in his investing that he retired and decided to dedicate himself to giving back by sharing with the working American his accumulated investment strategies and wisdom.

About Mr. Paul “Guru” Mampilly

He was born in India and later came to the United States. His interest, from early on, was in finance and investing. After arriving in the U.S. he landed a job at Bankers Trust and applied himself to learning how to manage portfolios of his clients.

It was in 2016, after retiring with a successful track record on Wall Street, that he was able to join Banyan Hill Publishing and start his “Profits Unlimited” newsletter. He also writes two other newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing for investors: True Momentum and Extreme Focus. The three newsletters are designed for the working day American who is interested in low, medium,or high risk investments.Learn more: