Original Habanero Shaker By Joel Friant and Other Innovative Works

Joel Friant began his career in the real estate industry. He used to purchase foreclosures before renovating and sell it a higher price. In 2003, using his experience and knowledge in the real estate, he assisted his friends to buy their homes. The experience and passion industry and the eagerness to help others acquire homes enabled Joel to deal with mortgage issues. Joel is an entrepreneur, financial investor, and an enthusiast in free markets based in Corpus Christi, in Texas. His business acumen and innovativeness have contributed to his career success. Here are some of his works.

Habanero Shaker

Original Habanero Shaker is one of most famous innovation of Joel Friant. The idea arose while working in  food industry. He had a desire to develop an unforgettable spice. Joel first tasted the tasty spicer pepper during his high school days. After several years in food industry, Joel obtained an understanding of the sector and realized that Original Habanero did not exist in the market. He noticed that most of the spices a mix of salt or some other cheap spices.

Joel realized the market gap and seized the opportunity to launch a Habanero spice available for cooking or seasonings. Habanero Shaker became Friant’s flagship project and immediately hit the market. According to Joel, serve the Habanero pepper in its dry shaker form. The shaker by Joel is the hottest known Chile pepper. Joel uses ripe peppers to create the spice.

Habanero Shaker comes with some health benefits. It is a natural painkiller since it contains capsaicin, which is responsible for triggering the brain to release endorphins. It also enhances the immunity of the body since it includes vitamin A and vitamin B.

Thai Guy

Joel has always been keen on the food industry in his entrepreneurial career. He introduced a different fast food plan called Thai Guy. He loved Thai cuisine and gave rise to Thai restaurants in America.

Income Thermostat

Joel is passionate in helping other people succeed. He introduced a guide, which aims to show why some people achieve their dreams and others do not. Joel mentors others and is a financial advisor.


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