NewsWatch TV Reviews Revealed New SteelSeries Products To Millions

SteelSeries is an international manufacturer of tech accessories and they’ve recently contacted NewsWatch TV to help promote two of their latest products. NewsWatch TV took the time to produce several professional review segments on SteelSeries’ innovative gaming controllers and headphones. The tech company wanted to attract a wide range of potential buyers as well as use the video segments for future promotional use.

The projects went off without a hitch, NewsWatch TV had aired them to over 95 million households across the United States and were viewed by all of the major U.S. markets. The SteelSeries’ senior director of marketing, Tori Pugliese, had shared that working with NewsWatch team was a seamless process. They automatically understood how PR really works and could deliver the message so that consumers could easily understand it in their way. She reveals that SteelSeries had seen “awesome distribution” afterwards and NewsWatch TV was helpful in making that happen.

NewsWatch TV is an American television series that currently airs weekly on the AMC Network and bi-weekly on ION Network. The show primarily airs segments featuring all of the breaking news and developments regarding consumer technology, travel, health, entertainment, app reviews and other consumer related reviews. NewsWatch TV is hosted by Andrew Tropeano, with occasional special new segments covered by Amanda Forstrom, Susan Bridges and Eric Forrest.

NewsWatch TV’s original air date began in March 1990 and the show’s format used to only discussed financial topics. After changing its format to talk about a broad range of topics of general interest, the show was soon showered with many awards and acknowledgments throughout the years. NewsWatch TV celebrated its 1,000th original episode after being on the air for over 26 years. They’ve receive more than 700 million viewers since its first air date and now reach 96 million viewers for each original episode.