National Steel Car, Journey To Becoming A Regional Engineering Giant

National Steel car is the leading engineering company that has specialized in car innovation, and also the leading manufacturer of railroad car freights along North America. The company has its headquarters in Canada, Hamilton and has been the market giant since its establishment in the year 1912. The one decade they have been in the business have been awesome, and they have been exposed to so many challenges that have made them the leaders they are. The company is the only certified ISO 9001:2008 and have held this privilege and honor for more than 18 years. They have also been consistently honored with awards not forgetting the TTX SECO that they have consistently held since 1996.


National Steel Car despite having their clients spread out in many countries happens to have been giving back to the society, and the Hamilton community has benefited a lot from the great acts. They have been able to help through Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius, United Way and so many other charities that they have sponsored. They have also organized great events that can benefit their employees and their former employees during special occasions that are held during Christmas periods. They have also been on the frontline funding organizations that have been working towards ensuring that people with certain needs from across the communities are helped. Check Out This Article.


National Steel Car is a company under the leadership of a great scholar by name Greg Aziz who has been the CEO and the chairman of the company year 1994. The company that was acquired for Dofasco has grown tremendously over the last few years Greg has been the chairman. He is a great innovative man who ensures that he achieves the company’s dreams by working with passion and also delivering quality products.

His mission was to transform the once excited Canada giant to a great North America’s leading freight car manufacturers. As an engineering giant, the company has emphasized on team-building, through capital and human investments, strong and powerful engineering capabilities and many others. They have since then been able to expand their scale of operation from 3,500 manufactured cars per year to approximately 12,000 units by the year 1999. The figure keeps on rising, and the company’s staff has grown from around 600 employees to the current 3,000 trained staff who have dedicated their time, skills and capabilities towards making the company the market giant. They are not relenting soon, and their desire to expand is still on the rise.


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