Michael Hagele, Providing Financial Solutions through Technological Innovation

The famed corporate counsel Michael Hagele is renowned for his expertise in investments and innovations in the financial industry. His life and daily endeavors are centered on the fulfillment of his clients. He is determined to not only meet the individual technological wants of those that look up to him but also make that experience worth everyone’s time.

A typical working day for Michael Hagele would call for a variety of activities. These include handling client-based needs like offering legal psychoanalysis sentiments on both general and or intellectual property, reviewing and drafting contracts, and a conclusive obligation to seal licensing agreements on technology. All work and no play is no good for anyone. Michael takes some time off his day to rejuvenate his mind through mountain bike cycling. It is therefore not surprising that during this period, his most brilliant and creative ideas are born. His free and unloaded mind is unstoppable and would soar into the most sophisticated problems and generate possible solutions. Going back to his work after refreshing his mind proves worthwhile. A new flow of ideas and approaches are created and things are handled through a better lens. View ideamensch.com to learn more.

Michael Hagele is an all-around individual who has chosen to also pursue different ventures outside of what he is well known for. He has a particular interest in square-one companies and has made several investments in them. Michael is a proud associate of a couple of businesses both in the hospitality and restaurant sector. Before he settled for his current area of professionalism, Michael Hagele worked within the same scope of practice at several internet companies that dealt with capital. During this period, he was a general counsel and was responsible for the smooth running of legal affairs which were with regards to employment concerns, corporate governance, merger and acquisition motion, and intellectual assets plans.

Before Michael worked as a general counselor, he was part of Fenwick & West LLP at Silicon Valley in their Licensing and Online Commerce Group. The idea to set up his individual path was driven by both external and in-house experiences. He says that over the years, he learned that smaller firms and individual practitioners had a better chance of providing the most cost-effective and high-value services in the technology-based industry. Check: https://www.whitepages.com/name/Michael-Hagele