Meet Dr Mark McKenna, the entrepreneur of the millennium

Entrepreneurship is a skill that has been tried out by many people all over the world, but only a few succeed. Dr. Mark Mckenna stands out as one of the entrepreneurs with extraordinary achievements. He is a man who has proved to be unshaken by failure, whenever he fails, he dusts off and moves forward. Dr. McKenna has a powerful spirit that should be emulated by people aspiring to be in the same caliber.

Dr. Mark McKenna has a very interesting as well as a fascinating story for his successful journey. His story started with an idea out of a kind heart, to help the victims of the famous Hurricane Katrina Disaster that stroke New Orleans in 2005. At the time, many people lost their homes and properties. Dr. McKenna took the initiative to rebuild his home city where he had a well-established portfolio in the real estate industry.

The unfortunate circumstances that occurred did not make Dr. Mark McKenna lose hope; instead, he stood firm and returned to the medical profession, where he combined it with his natural entrepreneurial skills to become a founder of Health company that grew from a single clinic into a network. After Health company’s acquisition by Lifetime Fitness Inc. He started OVME Cosmetics that provides a range of boutique services for men and women.

More About Dr. Mark Mckenna

Dr. Mark McKenna, founder, and CEO of OVME Cosmetics is a medical doctor by profession attained his degree from Tulane Medical School. He began to pursue his passion as soon as he was out of school in the footsteps of his father as a doctor.

Dr. McKenna was given a practicing license in surgery and medicine by the highly respected and recognized Florida and Georgia State Board of Medicine Examiners. He also invested in boutique and real estates.

Over time, Dr. MacKenna gained interest in the real estate industry and focused his full energy in the sector becoming a real estate entrepreneur. After reaping the successes of his developments, he relocated to Georgia, Atlanta where he founded wellness and aesthetic-based medical practice- Health company which was sold out to Life Time Fitness Inc. in 2014. Dr. Mark McKenna full of entrepreneurial skills and innovative ideas founded OVME Company to the convenience of his clients.