Matt Badiali Switches Careers

Using his experiences as a geologist and investor, Matt Badiali, who joined the team at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017, has quickly garnered a dedicated readership. With degrees in earth science and geology, from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University, respectively, Matt Badiali’s knowledge of drilling and investments has placed him in a unique class, allowing him a significant advantage over his fellow investors in the energy, metals, and natural resources sector. Since entering into the world of investments nearly 10 years ago, Mr. Badiali has utilized a “boots on the ground” approach, choosing to visit mines and drilling sites in countries such as Haiti, Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iraq, and Papua New Guinea, allowing him to understand the full scope of potential investments. Follow Matt Badiali at

Over the last few years, Matt Badiali has become really excited about what the future holds regarding the world’s economic climate, particularly the impending shift from gas and oil to electric cars and vehicles. While he insists that the change won’t occur until we have the technology to create a municipal scale battery when it does happen, the effect will be similar to the change the world saw when kerosene replaced whale oil. Throughout his career, Mr. Badiali has implemented a work schedule geared towards time management and efficiency, and he cites his ability to completely block out unnecessary distractions as the catalyst for his success in meeting deadlines.

When thinking back on his past work history, Matt Badiali mentions his time in Miami, FL, working as a an environmental geologist as the least satisfying due to the dangerous conditions that he would face on a daily basis, as well as the inability to move up to position that would appeal to him over the long term. Regardless, he does believe that working as an environmental geologist worked in his favor, being that it was the job that gave him the push to pursue his postgraduate studies. If given the chance to begin again, Mr. Badiali believes that he would have taken a different approach to entering the workforce, this time, participating in internships. While internships may not seem like an ideal position, after all, no one wants to work and not get paid, yet in his estimation, the connections provided by internships are invaluable, oftentimes presenting a serious leg up.