Matt Badiali: Advantages of Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is a former geologist who is now working with the Banyan Hill Publishing Company to write articles and newsletters focusing on investment. One of the most recent things that he shared with the public is the idea of using freedom checks to earn money. He uploaded a video online to explain how these checks work and where to get them. According to him, a law referred to as Statute 26-F gave more than 500 companies in the oil and petroleum sector a permission to offer these checks to the public, and if they would do it, they will be exempted from paying their taxes. One of the conditions that they had to follow is that more than 90% of their production must have been made in the United States, and they should show a willingness to offer these checks. The companies that can offer these checks are referred to as MLPs or master limited partnerships.

In his video, Matt Badiali also explained how he discovered these checks. He stated that he was invited by a former colleague in the oil and petroleum industry in an event where companies are congregating and discussing these checks. At first, he could not believe that freedom checks exist, because it is too good to be true. However, when he purchased his first checks and saw how it gives him a profit, he already knew that it could potentially become the next big thing in the field of investment, and it can even rival the stock market. He knew that everyone would be interested in it because it is effortless to obtain, and the monthly income from these checks are far greater than the monthly subsidies that the government provides, especially for pensioners.

Matt Badiali also pointed out that individuals who have invested in freedom checks are receiving thousands of dollars per month, from the dividends that are being sent to them. He also said that the annual income of those who ended up successfully with these checks could easily earn hundreds of dollars annually, and one even earned $600,000 just from the profits that they gained through these checks. It seems to be a good offer to everyone, but not all know how to invest in it. Matt Badiali encouraged the people to start looking for MLPs and buy their first freedom checks so that they could already start looking at how it goes up and earn money easily. Check: