Malcolm CasselleThe Game Changer

Let’s talk about the current state of finance with a focus on crytocurrency. You hear it everywhere from television, to social media because it is the next wave of payments and money moves. Although many may not fully understand the idea of digital money, the market is exploding with a plethora of investors and consumers using the new options available. When it comes to gaming, however, pairing with cryptocurrency was a match made in heaven, and Malcolm CasSelle’s lacrosse camp.

WAX is a company that is number one for buying and selling anything involving currency and video games. Micro transactions no longer need to require debit cards as funds can be loaded on to the interface within WAX and available digitally for spending within the gaming universe. The company is headed by Malcolm Casselle as he is President.

Malcolm is no stranger to the digital world as he holds two degrees from MIT and Stanford in Computer Science. He was co-founder of NetNoir back in 1995, which was ahead of its time as a media production website for Afrocentric culture. Continuing in growth as well as expanding his resume, Malcolm Casselle went on to lead more than five digital companies with all of them being successful, and his Website.

Currently as President of WAX or Worldwide Asset Exchange, Malcolm is very confident in the goals the company strives to achieve. Blockchain and smart contracts are some of the options that give the user full range when it comes to what they are trying to accomplish on their own using the platform. The variety of ideals many gamers and entrepreneurs have can be realized using WAX, and

WAX is designed and built to service millions of users who already purchase and sell in game digital items. The ability to buy WAX tokens gives a feeling of freedom and flexibility to those on a digital platform. The next step in growth was the unveiling of the fix that solves the issue of cryto transactions. WAX has been a cure all for digital, as it is accepted and is the number one option for anyone interested, and read full article.