Malcolm CasSelle Is Making Virtual World Assets Safer With WAX

Worldwide Asset eXchange, also known as WAX, has a multi-layered approach when it comes to tokens in online gaming assets. Wax created a platform in which anyone who participates in the virtual marketplace for game assets has the power of tokenizing in game items Virtual gaming assets is a big part of playing online games and Transfer Agents are responsible for the transfer of goods for funds. The tokens help make the online assets ownership more accessible. There is potential to turn the virtual assets into physical ones. If Guilds in the virtual world extend their services with a high reputation this will increase the product value. The risk of hackers are minimal due to Wax’s Blockchain. A new ecosystem is in the works for assets in the virtual world. This has never been done before.


Malcolm CasSelle is the president of Wax, Worldwide Asset eXchange. He is also the President and Chief Technology Officer at Tribune Publishing. Malcolm is the CIO of OPSkins, which is the number #1 marketplace for buying and selling items from online video games. He was the SP and GM of Digital Media and SeaChange. SeaChange acquired CasSelle’s company Timeline Labs where he was the CEO. He participated in leading several startup programs. Some of these programs in the digital industry are: MediaPass and Xtire. He was also a part of Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent in China.


Malcolm CasSelle invested in companies such as Facebook and Zynga. He was also the co-founder of a publicly traded telecom based in Hong Kong called PCCW. Malcolm holds two degrees in Computer Science. He attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a bachelor’s degree. He attended Stanford University where he received his Master’s. Malcolm is also fluent in several languages. Those languages are Japanese and Mandarin.