Lori Senecal is the Building a Name for Herself as a Global CEO

As the Global CEO of CP&B, Lori Senecal has made quite a name for herself. Lori Senecal has been in the presidential position at McCann-Erickson, and she has gained lot of experience over time. She has been able to handle this type of role because she has gained experience in developing strategic partnerships. Her role as a CEO is one that was rightfully earned from this time where she has worked with companies like Coca-Cola and Nestle to create cutting-edge divisions.

What Lori seems to recognize better than a lot of other executives is that branding is something that marks the rise or fall of a company. She has put in an tremendous amount of energy into helping companies build better brands on AdAge.com, and this has made her a leader. Lori started her own company, TAG Ideation more than a decade ago, and this is where she started to develop her skills. From this point she would rise up in the ranks as a Global Chief Innovation Officer for McCann Worldgroup before she would move on to another organization called McCann Erickson where she would become the president of the company.

Lori Senecal has worked in various roles, but her expertise seems to be growing in integrated marketing. She has become this marketing strategist that has totally evolved as one of the most profilic chief executive officers in the marketing world. What Lori Senecal reaches back to in building her strength is her early lessons in gymnastics when she was in high school. In interviews she has talked about just how mentally tough you have to be in order to train for gymnastics. She has talked about how this is not an easy sport, and that there is a certain level of dedication on PRNewsWire.com that you must incorporate into your daily routine to become good at this.

This is important because the best marketing campaign on HuffingtonPost.com can still must the target audience if the campaign is not carried out correctly. That is what Lori Senecal is able to do.

Lori Senecal is a member of the Ad Council Board of Directors. She has proven that she has what it takes to break beyond the glass ceiling. She has become one of the most creative forces in marketing at http://www.adweek.com/agencyspy/mdc-partners-hires-presidentceo-senecals-husband-as-global-president-of-brands/90518.


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