Lori Senecal As an Inspirational Force For Growth and Expansion in Strategic Partnerships

Lori Senecal is presently the Global CEO of CP+B. She will be responsible for the expansion and vertical growth of CP+B globally by supervising more development initiatives and coordinating the functions of the company’s various international offices. As an opinion leader in the industry, she has pioneered the application of technology and innovative inventions in the organizational expansion, and growth at international levels. In her new role, she hopes to play a vital function in the global development of the firm by infusing fresh energy in the operations of CP+B. A recipient of many prestigious awards like the AWNY Game Changer Awards with a Quantum Leap award for innovative leadership, she is a firm believer of professional excellence.

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In a career that spans many years and territories, Senecal has presided over the acceleration of growth in the industry, overseen the development of several strategic collaborations, and the creation of highly competitive branches and divisions. Many international blue-chip entities like BMW, Coca-Cola, and Nestle owe their success to the insights with which she managed their worldwide operations. In all the organizations such as MDC Partners, kbs+, and McCann-Erickson where Senecal has worked, fast growth impact has been the order of the day. Through innovations, she can transform companies from low-level production to high-performing capacities. In industry circles, she is a woman to reckon with! Her passion and dedication in everything she does has made it possible for her to introduce an exceptional degree of management expertise in all the organizations she has represented as a top executive. Info sourced from AdWeek.

During her spare time away from her executive duties, Lori Senecal indulges in many hobbies like photography, politics, business, and entrepreneurship. She likes taking the lead in evolving and developing simple ideas into a solid culture of inventiveness. Her strength lies in the ability bring competitive advantages for businesses. She has proved that women are also capable of performing their duty with tenacity and vigor. She is skillful in strategic planning, and many companies would not be where they are today had it not been for her creative mind. Senecal has helped to nurture many startups due to her passion for technological innovations that provide a starting point for ambitious individuals. One quality that makes her an outstanding figure in the world of advertising is her commitment to team-work, and development of organizational synergy. In all the companies she has worked, Senecal has been both a role model, and an inspirational force. For more info, you can visit her LinkedIn account.