Lime Crime, The Company for Women


When you think about makeup, you probably think about the makeup most wear to work or school. Very few think about makeup for those that like to have fun on the town or want to have look that is different. That is why Lime Crime is such a great place to get makeup.


Bold Colors

When you are looking for makeup that will work when you want to go out on the town, you might be thinking of bold and bright colors. These colors are usually ones that go together and compliment the outfit you might choose to be wearing. Lime Crime has some great colors that are bold and make your eyes and lips pop. They give you that little something extra that can make you feel good even out on the dance floor.

Glitter and Metallic

By adding bold colors that have a little extra, you can look like you just stepped out of a magazine. That is why these colors are so great to have in your makeup kit and why Lime Crime was created by Doe Deere initially.


Going From Day to Night

They have colors that will work for the day when you are working as well as colors that are bright and fun and bold. This way you can keep them both together and go from the office straight to the club with just a little bathroom visit.

There are a lot of things you might be used to seeing when it comes to makeup, but these bold and fun colors are something that is new. When you want to go out and have fun, take a minute to consider what they might have for you so you can get the best and brightest colors you want. Make a splash and show who you really are when it comes to your makeup.  Shop for yourself on their UrbanOutfitters storefront, or view some of the suggestions on how to wear Lime Crime on TeenVogue.


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    Glitter has been around for a long time, but adding metallic is something that has happened just recently. If you are going from work to the club, you might have to change your makeup beforehand. I also would have ensure that the assignment master have all the facts together before reporting them.

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