Lime Crime and The New Acquisition That Boosts Its Transition and Growth

It’s the mark of a good company if its CEO is able to withstand the challenges and competition while it’s still able to create a product supported and enjoyed by many people. One of these companies that have shown outstanding leadership is no other than the cosmetic company and brand, Lime Crime. It is now a trendsetting brand that has already reached a lot of fans and cult following. It is especially great for the fact that, as confirmed by PR News Wire, it is only using cruelty-free ingredients that are also fortunately vegan. In relation to this, one of the most recent news relating to Lime Crime right now would have to be the fact that it is recently involved with an acquisition with Tengram Capital Partners.

It is also in PR Newswire where it’s formally released that Tengram Capital Partners has now acquired Lime Crime, which means Lime Crime would now be part of the leading private equity firm that’s established a name in the consumer and retail firms today. Another confirmation in the press release would also be the selection of Stacy Panagakis, who is the former General Manager working for Fresh. Stacy would be the new Chief Executive Officer of the merged company.

It should also be added here that the foundation, strength and growth of Lime Crime would be the fact that it is founded by Mark Dumbelton and Doe Deere in 2008. Without them it would be hard to imagine the kind of success and respect that the make-up firm has been receiving. Without them, it would be unimaginable to see the acquisition that Lime Crime has achieved today. It is also through their leadership that Lime Crime has also built a leading retailer reputation in Riley Rose, and Bloomingdales.

It may also be added here that the Tengram acquisition would also push further the goals and dreams of Lime Crime’s growth efforts. It would also create more consumer base to the company and attract more traction. The addition of Ms. Stacy Panagakis will also mean that Lime Crime would get the kind of proven track record and experience that she already gained from previous companies.