Life Line Screening Giving Relevant Education

The largest testing company there is in the United States of America, for both vascular and vascular related illness, is none other than the Life Line Screening. The corporation was established after Dr. Andrew Manganaro the chief medical officer of the company and a senior cardiovascular surgeon saw the many catastrophic cases among patients. Some of the cases that devastated him were the ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms as well as the completed carotid embolic strokes. On his views, the cases could have been avoided if the patients had the health knowledge about the asymptomatic diseases way before the calamity struck. The result of this observation was the birth of Life Line Screening.


Through Life Line Screening, more than eight million people have undergone the testing. The database of the company, which happens to be among the largest in the world, has given the scores of peer-reviewed journal articles. As the chief medical officer, Dr. Andrew Manganaro is responsible for supervising the panel of doctors certified by the board who analyze all the ultrasounds. He heads quality assurance and oversees the market and research effort to ensure there is clinical correctness. At the company’s scientific advisory network, Dr. Mangonaro sits as the chairperson. The team consists of distinguished academicians as well as clinical specialists from all over the globe and more information click here.


Besides the annual checkup conducted by Life Line, the organization uses the risk algorithm that takes into consideration the aptness for patients to undergo the screening. Patients who are asymptomatic and those with a risk of cardiovascular diseases are the ones who get the screening. The popularity of the testing is overwhelming. A lot of patients are turning up to the screening courtesy of the support shown by family doctors and vascular doctors. Life Line Screening offers the non-invasive ultrasounds for abdominal aorta as well as the carotid arteries. Gamut is another test that is offered and learn more about Lifeline Screening.


The privately held company was founded over 20 years ago. It has its headquarters at Independence, OH. More than 2,000 people work in this corporation. The company offers community-based screening in neighborhoods all over the nation be it in the places of worship, community centers as well as corporations.

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