Kevin Seawright Partners With The Church To Bring Joy To Philadelphia

RPS Solutions’ Kevin Seawright and Christ Haven Pentecostal Church gave some residents of Philadelphia Christmas early last year. The church and real estate company joined forces for a holiday luncheon and toy drive.

Fun For Children

Over two hundred children were engaged in this event, with children from infants to teens getting a variety of toys for a brighter Christmas. It made the holiday happier for several Philadelphia families that were not able to buy gifts. The goal of the day was bringing the city together for fun and food. The activities lasted all day with the goal of giving the community familiarity. The children took advantage of the chance for new friends. Read this article at Live Newspaper

Bringing in The New Year with A Luncheon

The adults used the luncheon as a way to come together and celebrate the end of the year. There were diverse offerings in addition to local favorites on the menu. The community celebrated the upcoming holiday and the day was filled with a sense of closeness. Everyone agreed that the community has lost the closeness it used to have in the past. The toy drive was to restore what the city is known for which is brotherly love. It is possible to get the concern and love back, the luncheon proved that.

RPS Solutions Gives Back

RPS likes to lead by example and this is not the first toy drive the company has organized. CEO Kevin Seawright leads RPS Solutions in the forefront of empowering communities around the country. The company helps people by allowing them to own homes in addition to charitable events, helping people achieve dreams with affordable housing and by supporting programs that help economic freedom.

Since the 1980s the church has had a reputation of being somewhere for everyone in the neighborhood. The Church’s outreach has always included these types of events. The ministry was started by William F. Todd Sr. and the church has always look for ways to offer a sense of belonging and hope in the community. The toy drive just continued that tradition. It was a success that everyone in Philadelphia can agree on. Read: