Kate Hudson’s new approach to online shopping

Kate Hudson is the talk of e-commerce today. She turned her acting career in for a business career that has both shocked and impressed many. In a world where e-commerce is dominated by big wigs like amazon, she has come up with a new and better way to interact with customers and sell them the products and is taking them on.

Kate Hudson, the founder of Fabletics– a fashion store that sells sports wear and accessories to women- has developed an online store that is user oriented. Unlike other online stores that rely on the seller to determine what’s ‘hot’, their store uses data from the area and the user to showcase what’s hot. This data finds out the culture of the area, activities done and the user’s personal tendencies as well. Therefore, in a way, you get a showroom suitable for you. They call it the reverse show room.

Fabletics eliminates the aspect of online shopping where the visitors shop off line to see what to buy then go buy it cheaper in some other store by having the shoppers subscribe. This gives them an easier time sampling the clothing items to put on the user’s showroom and also helps them maximize on their profits. This subscription has also seen them get up to 50% of their physical customers from their online subscribers. In as much as Kate says that the physical retail stores are just an additional service, the subscriptions have made it quite easy for the retail stores to make their sales. Hence more profits.

Fabletics is not just about making money and bringing change to e-commerce. It’s about empowering women to become better. Most women feel criticized and left out especially when they go to buy sportswear and find most of the ones bought in are either too small for their size or the prettier ones are only available in smaller size. It makes one feel discriminated. By providing sportswear in all sizes, Fabletics is all inclusive. No one is left out. It encourages everyone to feel good about keeping fit.

Because of this dedication to being all inclusive, Fabletics has managed to be branded a fashion-forward athleisure brand. They have also wheeled in a new investor, Demi Lovato. Demi says that her reason for investing in this fast growing company is not just the profit it promises, it’s the fact that it’s more than just selling clothes. The aspect of it empowering women appeals to her the most.