Julia Jackson Touches on Savoring the Best of Jackson Family Wines

Julia Jackson hails from the family of the finest wine makers. She is the youngest in a family that has embraced the art of making wine. Perhaps, an inspiration they got from their late father Jess Jackson who was the founder of Jackson Family Wines. Julia’s family had worked in the wine business long before she was born. She is currently the spokesperson for Cambria Estates. When she was asked about the Millennial purchasing trends of wines, Julia stated that the Cambria and Jackson Family Wines was sticking to the production of wines and methods that made her father successful. However, besides being part of the family business, Julia is the founder of Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a program that seeks to celebrate the Warrior Women. The program awards $ 100, 000 in cash to organizations that adopts the program’s pillars of equality. The women celebrated are those that have overcome life’s hardship and live each day as an inspiration to young women. Through this non-profit organization, she helps women become role models to little girls and young women. Jackson cites the fact that her dad saw her mother as a partner in business and consequently ensured his prosperity. View more posts from Julia Jackson at flickr.

The Jacksons Family Wines oversaw the launch of the 2012 Vintage of Verite alongside labels released in 2005. The company showed the Verite La Joie alongside the Napa’s most expensive Cabernets’ produced in 2005. After the tasting event, a quick vote revealed that the Verite and Screaming Eagle to be the best. Julia said that Sonoma had a reputation for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. However, it was her believe that Sonoma was the best place for Cabernet. Additionally, she said she was aware of the quality potential of the Cabernet from Napa. Jackson later pointed out that Sonoma’s Verite consistently gets the high scores. Julia Jackson said that Sonoma was in its infancy and would soon catch up with counties like Napa.