Jeff Yastine Places His Bets Against Amazon

Jeff Yastine is an experienced investor and financial journalist. He is serving as the editorial director of Banyan Hill Publishing. He oversees the publishing of the Total Wealth Insider Journal, too.

He also contributes to daily publications such as Sovereign Investor and Winning Investor. The award-winning journalist is hedging his funds against the online tech giant Amazon. He reckons three firms may challenge Amazon’s grip on the retail market.

His previous predictions late last year suggested watching for mergers and acquisitions. He was right on the money as Boeing is in talks to take over Brazilian Embraer. The mergers trend is catching on in other industries with firms snapping up their rivals at an alarming rate. This increased merger activity is expected to spill onto the retail market scene. Larger retailers are buying out smaller ones and gearing up to take on Amazon. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Bloomberg.

They are also slowly slicing the large piece of the retail pie on Amazon’s plate. Jeff Yastine recommends Kroger, the grocery supermarket chain. It is competing for the same customer base as Amazon’s Whole Foods.

Whole Foods is expected to experience a drop in quality coupled with an inconspicuous price revision. This combination creates a tough challenge for a company that is targeting the offline retail segment.

Kroger is in a unique position to take on Amazon. It has a good distribution chain of retail stores around the country. These are undergoing upgrades to integrate automated checkout platforms. Equally important, the store has been gaining popularity with health-conscious consumers for carrying organic products.

Another worthy competitor is eBay. The online retailer still gives Amazon a run for its money. With a little capital injection and strategy change, the underdog could outperform its rival soon. In an interesting twist, Jeff Yastine feels that eBay is ripe for a takeover by a major technology firm. This will give it the kick and push it needs.

Lastly, Jeff Yastine is betting on Grainger, a B2B firm offering commercial and industrial establishments’ furniture, safety gear, and office products among numerous others. The firm has a well-established infrastructure with distribution and storage networks across the country. It would be the perfect match for a business hell-bent on taking on Amazon.

The stocks from these three players are also highly profitable on their own and worth holding onto. Jeff Yastine posts similar exclusive advisories on the financial journals he contributes to at Banyan Hill and beyond. Check: