Jeff Herman and the fight against limits to justice

Have you ever been sexually assaulted? Obviously, this is a rhetorical question, but many people may answer this as a positive. To these people, the last things on their mind after an event like this is legal retribution. Their thoughts most likely resemble a whirlwind of fear, confusion, anger and even self-loathing. These poor, shattered souls may take years to recover to the point of seeking legal justice. Alas, if they wait too long their chance is forfeit, as a statute is in place. This statute defines a cutoff of five years to report a sexual offense. Fives years to recover. Five years for justice. And that is not even the shortest time. No, if a person is a part of an organization such as the public school system or a church, that deadline is lowered to 365 days

Five years may seem like a long time to some, but for Jeff Herman, it is not. In fact, there should not be a limit all. Jeff Herman has become an incredibly well known and well respected lawyer out of Florida, with his own practice that he founded and now runs; Herman Law Firm. In his many cases that he has handled, Herman established himself early on as a strong defender of victims of sexual assault or exploitation. If that is not enough of a specialization, Herman is especially skilled in handling cases involving children as the victim. Special training courses are available to lawyers in dealing with these kinds of cases, as well as beginners psychology courses designed to help children and parents cope with this trauma and be able to move on in a healthy direction. Herman is very proud to say that he has taken them and is somewhat of an expert on the subject.
Along with Herman, many other people have risen up, protesting the statute and moving for change in their communities and US society as a whole. New York is an especially good example, with over ninety percent of the population being in support of the Child Victims Act. This bill will erase the statute, allowing victims and indefinite amount if time to press charges and seek justice.


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