Is Walmart a Good Investment Opportunity? Stansberry Research Believes So

A recent article from Release Fact discusses how investment advice publication Stansberry Research says investing with Walmart could be a great investment opportunity. Stansberry Research is known for their investment newsletters that give sound advice on where to invest your money. Porter Stansberry began the publication in 1999 and it has only grown leaps and bounds since. The publication has a huge customer base with over 500,000 readers and 70,000 lifetime subscribers. Stansberry Research delivers sound investment advice to its readers and that is why they keep coming back. The publication has built a trusting relationship with its customers, which has made it more and more popular in the financial world.


The article mentions that Walmart is a company that just may be worth investing in. The long-term investment potential of the company is huge according to Stansberry Research. Many feel the company may not be as good of an investment opportunity because Walmart stocks have lost value, but Stansberry Research editor Dan Ferris feels that now could be the right time to start investing with Walmart. Ferris is looking in broader terms as to why he thinks purchasing Walmart shares may be a good idea. He feels that if you look at the whole retail market it is only going to get bigger. Ferris mentions that over 90% of people still shop in retail stores as opposed to online. The article discusses Amazon as being competition to Walmart, but Ferris argues that even Amazon is beginning to operate physically standing retail stores. Can Amazon really compete with Walmart? According to the article, the huge retailer has a combined store space of over 1.1 billion square feet, which the article discusses is about 10 times the amount of Amazon’s. Amazon has a long way to go to catch up with Walmart, but Walmart still has the power to easily catch up with Amazon in the online world. Stansberry Research is often known for anticipating important changes in the financial world, which is what brings them their huge reader base. Could Walmart really be a great investment idea even though recent changes in the shares show possible doubt? Only time will tell.