Investment Management Firm Capital Group Chooses A Veteran Business Leader To Guide Its Next Phase

When a large corporation is forced to change a key position in its senior leadership structure it can present many challenges for the company. When the unfortunate and the unexpected occurs such as the passing of a leader like Jim Rothenberg, the esteemed Chairman of Capital Group, an organization can find itself grappling with both grief and the challenging question of how to deal with the vacuum left by the absence of a formidable and capable leader. In the case of the investment management company Capital Group, the company developed a plan for selecting a capable leader to continue the vital work begun by their successor.

In 2015 the investment management company’s Board of Directors chose Tim Armour to become the next Chairman of Capital Group. Upon being named to this key leadership position Amour became the Chairman of Capital Group companies and also ascended to key leadership positions in the firm’s subsidiary operations that include the chairmanship of the firm’s management committee and the executive leadership of the Capital Research and Management Company. The Board’s decision to choose Timothy Armour to lead the nearly 80-year-old company was one that was no doubt based upon his extensive history with Capital Group. As Capital Group transitioned from one long-term leader to another it likely needed a business leader that had a deep familiarity with the company’s history, position in the marketplace and its opportunities for growth in the future.

Armour was an apt choice as he had worked for Capital Group for more than three decades before he was named the company’s chairman. His long history with the company was likely a sign of a deep commitment to the firm and a level of knowledge that would be hard for a candidate that had not been working for the firm as long to replicate. Armour’s years of experience gave him an expert-level knowledge of how the world of investment works as well as a thorough education in the company that will no doubt benefit Capital Group as the company moves forward in the future.

Arguably Tim is an example of the kind of success that a financial services professional can achieve at Capital Group. Like many people he started his time at the company that he is now leading through an initiative known as the Associates Program. Timothy Armour became an equity investment analyst at Capital Group, a position that enabled him to leverage his education in economics from Middlebury College to serve Capital Group’s customers in the areas of the service industry and the telecommunications world.


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