Ian King- Creating a Strong Investing Bond with Readers

Ian King believes that cryptocurrency is the future and he states that it’s the new class of unique trading assets in the Wall Street. He is a Cryptocurrency profit trader and an editor of the Banyan Hill Publishing analyzing matters concerning crypto and keeping the readers updated with the recent developments in the world of Cryptocurrencies. Ian King joined the enormously growing Banyan Hill Publishing site in 2017, and he boasts of two decades as a hedge fund manager, an investor, and a trader. His vast analytical experience and insight on matters of cryptocurrency markers have featured profoundly in Business News, Seeking Alpha, Zero Hedge, For and Investopedia. Additionally, the analysis features on a weekly basis on Banyan Publishing Hill site where he is the senior analysts. Ian is also the developer of the multimedia product dealing with investing of crypto for the Investopedia Academy. Read more articles by Ian King at medium.com

Banyan Hill Publishing is an influential media site with over 400,000 daily views who receive classified information and strategies of various investments opportunities globally. The sites boast of having well informed and learned fellows like Ian King who have years of expertise in trading on numerous assets like Cryptocurrencies, oil, natural minerals, stocks, forex, and others. The site launched its investing news, strategies, and forums in 1998 with the mandate to provide the average investor with advice and practical examples on matters about investments and global assets protections. It believes in making the listener’s self-reliance investors who can enjoy their sovereignty by providing the readers with valuable advice hence increasing their wealth. According to Ian King, Banyan Publishing Hill offers information on global investments and opportunities, global banking and retirement packages, portfolio diversification, private’s foundations, international businesses and assets protection.


Ian King says that global economy offers an open path for even an average investor to get insights of the performing assets, trade them and receive a high margin of yields. In 2011 Banyan Hill Publishing rebranded its core duties and added extra actionable functions like Cryptocurrencies, shares, currencies, and stocks and expanded its expertise to offer more advice on assets protection and also global entrepreneurship. The site has experts with practical trading experiences, skills, and strategies hence creating a robust website with tips and information of low risks investments and gaining of high returns.


Banyan Hill publishing name comes from a tree known to have extended roots that resist the natural and human-made calamities. Likewise, the site offers its readers and clients the power to invest with a strong team of support and protection from the uncertainty of the economy.

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