Ian King an Expert in the Cryptocurrency Trading

Ian King is well known in the cryptocurrency trading since he has achieved a lot. He has a great experience in the investment market where over two decades he has been in the financial market. Through the contribution that he has made and his passion towards the cryptocurrency has led to him featuring in the Fox Business News, Investopedia and many other newsletters. Learn more about Ian at Crunchbase.

The passion and drive that Ian King had towards business started while he was at college where after schooling he joined Salomon Brothers, which is popular in mortgage bond trading and also had time with the Citigroup where he worked with credit directives. For about ten years he served as a head of traders at Peahi Capital which is based in NY and the firm was able to record substantial returns of over 339% in the year 2008. That was a great achievement and more so more significant profit margins.

Moreover, he ventured into investments market and discovered cryptocurrencies that he termed it as the best investing and trading sector. The publications that are published on Investopedia are significant to traders that invest in cryptocurrency since they are given guidance and tips to overcome the difficulties and complexities that are there in the cryptocurrency. The field of cryptocurrency is wide since there is a ripple, bitcoin, monero, litecoin and many more and it needs someone that is well knowledgeable in that field such as Ian King who has been into that market for 20 years.

In 2017, Ian King Banyan joined Banyan Hill so that he can be able to efficiently and easily reach the investors in the cryptocurrency market. He is providing education and training to people so that they can be able to have insights about the market and hence enabling them to make the right investment in the market of cryptocurrency.

There are lots of people that are making their investments in the cryptocurrencies where most of them are doing it blindly since they lack the required information but through the services that are provided by the Ian King makes it possible for those people to achieve their goals easily and fasters since they have a comprehension about the market.

Ian is the expert in the cryptocurrency market since he has a vast experience in the industry as well he is well versed concerning the nature of that market. More so, the tips and training that he offer to investors make them emerge victoriously and makes a lot of return in the market. Read more: https://banyanhill.com/expert/ian-king/