Hussein Sajwani Overview – DAMAC Corporation and Philanthropy

Hussein Sajwani is an American-educated citizen of the United Arab Emirates, serial entrepreneur and most recently noted as a business partner of the president of the United States, Donald Trump. Sajwani is referred to frequently as the DAMAC owner in the press. He founded DAMAC properties in 2002 and is the current chairman; DAMAC focuses primarily on luxury properties in the Middle East. DAMAC is a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange. Sajwani is a billionaire that first made his wealth in the food services industry, beginning with a catering company to the hotel industry. He learned his craft in the industry and parlayed that passion and entrepreneurial experience into a successful multinational housing empire, and comes across as an extremely astute businessman in both printed and television interviews with major outlets. In fact, prior to DAMAC (whether it be coincidence or is foresight) there was but a nascent housing bubble in the Middle East. Although the building receded with the global recession, it never truly popped like it did in the United States. Thus, Sajwani has decided to double down and aggressively pursue efforts to expand his empire in a fiscally responsible manner. Hussain Sajwani family ties run deep just like in the Trump organization, with Sajwani preparing for a transition to his son. His expansions and diversification include services for other hotels and investments in additional companies. Holding also include building materials. Most famously, DAMAC owns a Tiger Woods designed golf course with Trump management and the requisite nearby luxury apartments. In addition to his business interests, Sajwani is a noted philanthropist with charity work involved with children’s clothing efforts, in conjunction with donations to the United Arab Emirates government. The Red Crescent spearheaded the initiative which helped children worldwide, not just in his native Dubai.


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