How Huffington Post Feels About Fabletics

When The Huffington Post recently talked about Fabletics, they wanted people to know they were doing things the way that every other company in the fashion industry should do them. Fabletics had been so successful because they were able to cater to people while also running a successful business. Not only had they made a lot of money but they had also made a lot of customers who would continue to return thanks to the excellent service they had to offer. The point of their company was to cater to women and they felt they were doing that which is what The Huffington Post highlighted.


Even though Fabletics was a new company in the fashion world, they were making big waves in the industry. They were disruptors to the industry and that is part of what has made the brand so special. The company knew what they needed to do as long as they were working to provide positive help for women who wanted great clothes. They also knew the fashion industry hadn’t had a company like them for many years so it made part of the job they had easier to deal with in every way possible.


One thing the company has not spent a lot of time on is advertising. It isn’t because they don’t care about advertising, but it’s because they want to use the power of the crowd to get the best advertising opportunities possible. In fact, the company knew just what they had to do to make their advertising special so they worked to show people what they wanted them to do. One of the things they focused on was how they could help people who had purchased their clothes. They invited all of the women to share about how they liked the clothes and what they liked about them. When they did this, other people noticed and it worked as advertising for the company.


For Fabletics to do this, they had to be sure everyone liked the clothes they had to offer. In fact, they wanted everyone to know they were working hard to make their brand something that was shareable and something women could talk to each other about. By making their brand the best it possibly could be, they were setting themselves up for a positive marketing experience that would come directly from the customers who they had worked so hard to serve.


While Fabletics continues to be successful, they are growing to a point where most other fashion companies never reach. They have cornered the online market. Since they still want to be as convenient as possible for everyone, they are going to maintain their online brand but they also have plans to branch out further from where they are at in retail locations. Fabletics hopes they can use this as a chance to be the most convenient option for everyone no matter how they plan to shop or what they want to look for from the fashion and athleisurewear brand.