How EOS lip balm came to be

Recently, I just read an article on the EOS lip balm brand that you could find right here: This was a very interesting article written on Fast Company by Elizabeth Segran. She writes about how the only lip moisturizer stores sold were Chapstick. Chapstick was nothing really exciting with its 3 flavors available until EOS came out with its own lip balm seven years ago, It was shaped different, colorful and had so many amazing smelling flavors that were fun. EOS (which stood for evolution of smooth) lip balm became very popular all over drug stores. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian posted photos on Facebook using the lip balm. This brand grew at such a fast rate and it became a $250 million company selling 1 million units in a week.

Mehra, who use to work in PepsiCo Company and others like it started to realize that a lip moisturizer should be taken more seriously and recreated to target woman. He wanted to make the experience of lip balm more pleasurable with great smells, great design and natural ingredients. He did just that when he came out with EOS lip balm. Mehra got the product into Walmart first, then Walgreens and then Target etc. The product was doing extremely well, selling millions. EOS lip balm to his day is giant companies that sells millions every week and is now pretty much a standard lip moisturizer goes to. Mehra used his experience in the industry and his entrepreneur mindset to start up a booming business that caters to oral care for all. To this day, EOS is still thriving and now creating many more products.

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