Here’s What The Oxford Club Does

There’s nothing wrong with wealthy people, though one factual difference between the mega-rich and the middle and low classes is that, the wealthier a person is, the more they’re likely to know about investing, finance, and how current events in news and commerce affects the former two subjects.


The Oxford Club serves roughly 155,000 people from all around the globe – 131 countries, to be exact, according to a recent data compilation published by The Oxford Club – that are all interested in at least one common interest: trying to make sense of investing.


People of all experience levels subscribe with paid memberships to The Oxford Club and its smaller publications, like Investment U. Whether someone knows absolutely nothing about investing, or they’re an expert, The Oxford Club and its many experienced, understanding contributors try their hardest to make everyone feel welcome at the organization.


Investment U is the educational arm of The Oxford Club, and helps people understand financial markets better than they ever have before. It was created in 1999, ten years of solid performance after Mr. William Bonner founded its parent company in 1989. As the founder and chief executive officer of The Agora Companies, collectively worth in excess of $1 billion, the leader of The Oxford Club knows exactly what it takes to fill one’s mind with more knowledge about finance – and he, alongside his contributors and editors at The Oxford Club, do a great job at that.


Three things that Investment U’s readers tend to appreciate more than any other type of learning and reading material are its courses, all of which are interactive, at no additional charge, and mimic real, live classroom experiences; in-person and telecommunicated conferences and videos across YouTube and other places on the World Wide Web; and last, but not least, tons of regular publications.

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