Gregory James Aziz was born in Ontario in 1949. He is currently the CEO of the leading freight company, national steel. The company also sponsors the Theater Aquarius and Hamilton theatre among other charity organizations. Apart from being a successful businessman, Greg James Aziz is also a family man. Greg and his spouse Irene have sponsored many activities all over Canada. He is an economist at Ridley College. By 1971, Gregory J Aziz was already in the business world, affiliated foods. Affiliated foods were the leader in export and imports and distributor of fresh food for over 16 years. Most of the imports were from Europe and America, and it exported to Canada and US.



Greg’s investment in the banking sector in the late 80s really paid off because he was able to buy the national steel company. Dofasco originally owned the company. He used his economic knowledge to bring the company to be the top in rail freight in Canada. In 1994, he purchased a business which he has always wanted to own. Through his leadership, the company was able to reach greater heights in Canada. Gregory J Aziz pumped the needed capital and human resource to make his dream for the business success. Initially, the company was producing 3,500 cars every year, but under Greg’s leadership, the number increased to 12000 cars per year. The number of workers employed by the company also increased. The number of employees also increased from 600 to 3000 employees.



He made many changes in the national steel company. The company is focused on producing products according to their customer’s needs. The company gives back to the society at any opportunity. Some of the organizations that the company sponsors include theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army, and the united way. The Christmas party which is meant to donate food to the food banks in the local area. Read More On This Page.



Gregory J Aziz and his wife have sponsored Canada agricultural fair, the royal agricultural winter fair. Under his management, the National steel car has received the TTX SECO awards. The company received the award for 13 consecutive years. It got the award for being the leading steel car manufacturing company. The company has been able to get the position because it produces only quality products. They also adhere to the deadlines given by the customers. The national steel company is also the only company with an ISO certification. It is a major participant in the Ontario food drive which has employed over 2000 Ontario residents.

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