Gregory Aziz: The Name of Quality in Railcar Manufacturing

Gregory Aziz is the name of quality in rail freight car making with consistently high-quality products from his National Steel Car. He is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of the market leader in railcar manufacturing and engineering services firm. Gregory James Aziz is committed to quality service since he bought the company in 1994 from Dofasco. In the later years, the freight car maker displayed an immense growth betting on its engineering capabilities, significant human and capital investment, and team-building. By 1999, the firm could expand its production capacity from 3,500 cars to 12,000 per year. Also, its employee base has gone to fivefold during the period.


James Aziz proudly says that the biggest asset of the company is its people, and he calls them as the cornerstone of the company. Further, he pointed out that the company has become more dynamic, innovative, diverse, and values-driven in the recent years with the hard work of its people. Greg Aziz believes that he should keep challenging himself and persistently raise the bar to produce great results. He stuffed the character into the DNA of National Steel Car to add innovation to company’s core. It also helps the firm to address the varying needs of its customers with world-class product solutions.


Greg James Aziz has also made sure that the company is working on next-generation safety and quality needs considering the complex requirements of the industry including transportation of chemicals and flammable liquids. In its mission to comply with the North American harmonized regulations, the railcar maker has hired over 900 new employees since October 2014 and made significant investments in plant equipment. National Steel Car is also looking add a better environmental footprint throughout North America with the initiatives. It should be noted that the railcar maker is ISO 9001:2008 certified for the last 18 years with multiple recertifications for the quality. It is also winning TTX SECO highest quality award consistently since 1996. Get More Information Here.


Aziz was born in Canada and completed his undergraduate degree at Ridley College and secured his major in economics from the prestigious University of Western Ontario. After graduation, Greg joined the family business of wholesale food supply in the year 1971. He helped the firm to expand its presence in North America and improved its supply by importing fresh food products from different continents. Greg also worked with some investment banking firms that are based in New York before joining National Steel Car.


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