Gregory Aziz, the Man Behind the Success of National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a railcar company that has been manufacturing and engineering railroad freight cars for over 100 years. Gregory James Aziz is the company’s Chief Executive Officer, and among the reasons for its success. He is an industrious man, who believes in prosperity because he has personally tasted affluence.

He was born and raised up by education-conscious parents because he acquired formal education from a young age. He was hardworking and passionate. Loving business since his college times, Greg had a dream of one day becoming the North American pride.

Gregory James Aziz graduated and pursued available jobs. His family’s company, Affiliated Foods, took him in, in 1971. His impact was felt when it grew in the 16 years that Greg worked there since it became the world’s leading exporter of fresh foods. His expertise not only in management but also in mobilization and team building were a result of his love for business and his time at both Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario where he did Economics.


Having the skills in business and the financial industries, he decided to seek more and better opportunities in New York. He believed that he would find a job of his liking, and little did he know that he would become a great CEO of a fantastic company someday. For ten years, Greg Aziz worked with banking opportunities, and this helped him accumulate money. He wanted to buy a company that he would run and lead it to financial prosperity and international prominence.


James Aziz bought the company, National Steel Car from Dofasco. 1994 is an important year in the company’s records, as this marks the year that transformation under Greg James Aziz began. He increased the car manufacture yearly rate, and by the end of five years, the cars that were produced annually had increased tremendously. The employment rate also increased. Read More On This Page.


The company’s progress was both alarming and also impressive. It is not a surprise, therefore, that National Steel Car was named the first company to be certified ISO 9001:2008 in North America. For the next 18 years, it became the only railcar company to acquire the certification. It also deserved the annual TTX SECO award that it has won since 1996. Gregory Aziz has made National Steel Car not only a respected company but also one that is trusted for the quality services that it provides.

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