Gregory Aziz Leads National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is leading the National Steel Car Ltd, as he is the Chairman of the Board. He is currently its Chief Executive Officer. Also, in addition to the National Steel Car Ltd, Greg Aziz is the Chairman for Nation Industries Inc, too. Refer to This Article.

He belongs to Canadian. He was brought up in the beautiful place called Ontario. Greg James was born in the city of Hamilton. He had always wanted to place his giant business right in the center of his home town. And this is exactly what he did as National Steel Car is located in Ontario. People say that he had even hired those people who were bullying him when he was in school.

Gregory J Aziz knew what he wanted to be. Hence, he had started preparing for his future from his college days itself. He prepared to be a business leader by doing his MBA from Western University. At this time, he was studying economics. He was going to use this in order to run his successful business later on. This is exactly what he did when he joined National Steel Car Ltd.


Gregory James Aziz has made use of his wisdom, knowledge, and experience in order to put National Steel Car Ltd on the international map. Many people are not aware that National Steel Car Ltd has been in this business for more than a hundred years. But Greg Aziz always knew that he could not live on its past achievements. He had to innovate and help it to grow. This is because he wants National Steel Car Ltd to continue in this business for another hundred years.


The only way to do so is to ensure that National Steel Car Ltd does not stop improving. This applies to its workforce as well as its merchandise. He likes to focus on this need to improve. Due to these reasons, National Steel Car is creating unique, dependable, as well as custom rail cars matching the needs of its customers.


All those who are working with Greg Aziz have accepted his vision of excellence. Due to this reason, each car that comes off the line is perfect. Hence, Canptoex, that has been a customer of National Steel Car Ltd since 1999 has bought seven hundred rail cars from them. This is for a total amount of $70 million.


Since it is doing business like this, hence National Steel Car Ltd has been labeled as the number one choice in North America in the rail manufacturing sector.