Greg Aziz Makes a Mark with National Steel Car Corporation

Investors founded National Steel Car in 1912 with Sir John Morison Gibson leading the team of investors. The interests were retained by the Magor Car Corporation and they brought in Basil Magor to lead the business project. The plant in Hamilton, Ontario was up and functioning and the investors of the business were surprised by the number of sales the business had right off the bat.


The Canadian rolling stock car orders were on top during 1913 but when the depression came around, the sales had declined. Once the sales declined, National Steel was not about to give up. Instead, they opted to start manufacturing other things like motorboats and even bus bodies. Once the depression ended and World War II had ended, the business once again was back in business. However, in 1962, the business had decreased once again, and the business was sold to Dofasco. The company was sold once again in 1990 to the Hamilton Corp National Industries which is owned by Gregory J Aziz.


In the year 2000, Greg Aziz had led the business to its highest point with more than 3000 employees and over 12,000 orders annually. The number of orders that they take today is three times higher than when James Aziz took over however the deliveries are still being delivered on time. See This Page for more information.


Greg maintains the sales and manufacturing of the rolling stock cars which focus on maintaining strict delivery dates and times. Today the sales are maintaining their position that they are focused on keeping the business up and running the right way.


Greg Aziz is making sure that he proves the business is still the leading manufacturer within the United States and Canada. The rolling rail cars are manufactured and then shipped to their customers. They are made with the right materials to support the weight of what needs to be shipped and is manufactured to withstand the movement of trains and the motions of going long distances. Since he took over, orders have proven that he has what it takes to be the CEO of National Steel Car corporation. The orders that are shipped are split between the National Steel Car corporation and the Eastern Car Company. They specialize in not only making sure that Canada has the right rolling stock cars but also that the US has the right cars. The people who use their services are railway operators and commercial rail operators.

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