George Soros Created the Open Society Foundations to help Change the World

Open Society Foundations (OSF) is one those organizations that is extremely important to the political process within many nations. This organization exists to help support civil society groups all throughout the world. Its main objective is to ensure that governments are not encroaching on the rights of the people. This funding agency also helps to support liberal causes within the U.S. and abroad.

The main purpose of the OSF is to ensure that societies remain open and free. What this simply means is that a nation’s citizens should have certain rights to do certain things within their society. If people want to publicly protest a government action they should be able to do so without fear of repercussion. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

People should also be able to speak out against their leaders and have the right to create different opposing views to the established norms. The point of an open society is to ensure that different segments are not being denied or dismissed by the status quo.

George Soros is a big fan of open societies. He grew up in Hungary under the rule of the Nazi regime. This horrible experience taught him how important it is for societies to have the right to speak out against dictators and tyranny. Soros learned this lesson well as a young teen.

When he was older he attended a university where he learned about the meaning of open societies. He was inspired to create OSF from the work of Henri Bergson and Karl Popper who were the main tenants of this ideology.

Soros wants societies to be free because they help to bring balance to the world and to keep governments from exercising too much control. He supports the Democratic Party within the United States because this political organization reflects his views. George Soros endorsed popular democratic candidates such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Open Society Foundations has a chapter in various countries across the globe. There are 37 countries to date that rely on the support of the OSF. Some of these countries include Hungary, United Kingdom, Angola and of course the United States. Soros currently resides within the United States though he still has ties in his homeland of Hungary. Read more on

The OSF works with various organizations within the U.S. such as Black Lives Matter, ACLU and even the Arab American Institute. All of these organizations benefit from the support that Soros provides. More information about George Soros’s Open Society Foundation is available at