FreedomPop Is Leading The Way With Low-Cost Wireless Services

Even though FreedomPop has free cell phone service that many people are enjoying, the other services, which are low-cost, the services can be chosen by newcomers to FreedomPop as well as previous customers, who may just want to switch to a different wireless plan. The wireless plans that FreedomPop offers are so incredibly low in price that it’s almost unbelievable, but with free cell phone service being available, it’s no surprise that they would have low-cost wireless services. A FreedomPop review, whether it’s from 2016 or not, they all try to mention the free cell phone service.


Even with the changes that have been made to the free cell phone service, it’s still a great deal because it comes with 200 minutes of talk time, the text messages are unlimited, and there’s 500 MB of data.  Even if a user chooses to use Wi-Fi services, they can get it directly from FreedomPop, who has the Wi-Fi services available for only five dollars per month and in over 10 million different locations.


The speeds of the data are also impressive because they go up to 4G speeds at all of the different hotspots. Using the FreedomPop Wi-Fi services can also be good for someone who doesn’t want to pay much money for their wireless plan because FreedomPop now has a plan that is completely covered by Wi-Fi. With the five-dollar a month cell phone service plan through Wi-Fi, a customer can make phone calls, surf the Internet, and send texts through Wi-Fi. Anyone who wants to obtain a different wireless plan can always choose the paid plan for $10.99 with unlimited talk and texts and with 500 MB of data.


Users of the paid plan can also gain additional as well, similar to how one can gain additional data for the free service plan. Those who choose to get the unlimited everything plan will be able to have data at all times, whether it’s the 1 GB of 4G LTE data or the 3G data that replaces the 4G data once it’s used up. Many prefer the unlimited everything plan because it only costs $19.99 and is usable anywhere, and no Wi-Fi services are required for this plan to have unlimited data.


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